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Image Wear was born in Switzerland more than 30 years ago and still has its parent company based in Zurich.
In Portugal, it was born in 2005, independently, specialized in creating uniform concepts for all types of companies, in the most diverse sectors: hotels, hospitals, industry, schools, logistics and transport.
Our extensive international experience also translates into added value compared to other companies. With clients across Europe, UK, Angola and also Qatar.
Together with our national and international development and production networks, we are able to be innovative, leading the way in elegance and quality in the final product offered, always on time and within the budget defined for our customers.


We supply all types of clothing from shirts, aprons, polos, pants and suits, in more formal, traditional or informal materials, such as chinos or jeans and also all PPE material in the Industrial area in collaboration with our various international representations .
And we also specialize in creating personalized items or independent productions for your own brand.

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